About Project

Project title: An Initiative to empower community for ensuring Child Rights.

Supporting agency : Child Rights and You ( CRY)

Project Area :
Barbhag Development block : Dokoha, Barshimalua, Raimadha, Nakheti, Barbarara, Kotalkuchi, Bangnabari, Tarmatha, Arrangamow
Pub-Nalbari Development block :
Kardoitala , Janigog, Deharkalakuchi, Jaha, Pubkalakuchi, Nizbahjani, Soria, Serabari, Makaldoba

Targeted beneficiary :
Mother and Child.
Health institutions.
ICDS centre.

Outcome / Impact

  • Child Malnutrition reduced.

  • IMR/ MMR/ CMR reduced.

  • Activation of AWC and Heath centre.

  • 98% institutional delivery.

  • 100% immunization.

Major Activity

Right to Survival:-

  • Capacity building of Staffs and key stakeholders.

  • Health Education Programme among Children and Mothers.

  • Motivational Programme among Community leaders/mothers/ PRI/PDS and other Service Provider and adolescent groups.

  • Interface Meeting among Community and service provider (community advocacy).

  • Gram-sabha Mobilization for putting child and women development issues.

Right to Development:-

  • Community base campaign through street paly, puppet etc.

Right to Protection:-

  • Sensitization Programme among Religious Leader/ Local Community Leader/ Parents etc. on Child Marriage.

  • Motivation programme among the adolescent for prevention of early marriage.

Right to Participation:-

  • Regular Activities with Children Assembly.