Su Poshan

Project Area :

Batia,Kharia,Maripur,Rampur,Bagana,Debara,Nizsaldah,Hathinapur,Hatirtari,Kaimari,Barsimla, Golibandha under Barpeta Block (Keotkuchi), Barpeta District (Assam).

Supporting Partner : Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS)

Beneficiary : Woman (Pregnant), Children (age of 5), Farmers (Small land or landless)

Project Summary

Barpeta is one of the aspirational districts in Assam. Majority of the total population is earning their livelihood by agriculture and daily wage labour. 12.36% farmers are landless .80% farmers are in small and marginal catagory in the district. Most farmers in the proposed area practices rain fed agriculture by using traditional practices as they have very limited sources of irrigation and moder agricultural practices, and hence farmers has to work as daily wage labour for certain period of the year. Farmers are into mano croping system in traditational methods, which can't fed the entire family for a year. Although the land is suitable for vegetable cultivation and horticulture, farmers in large have-not adopted it in commercial scale due to various reasons. Farmers lacks in adequate information about modern practices in agriculture, government schemes, financial facilities. So, the proposed project could able to demonstrate a sustainable livelihood options in the target area by building capacities of the landless, small and marginal farmers on agriculture and could able to ensure the round the year house hold food security from own land. Adopting modern practices of agriculture will enhance monetary income of farmers. Multiple croping and diversified agricultural productions will enhance nutrition security for community. Community organizations, SHGs will be strengthening for convergence with government line departments and for ensuring participation in local governance. Capacity building of AWC and ASHA workers will be done for creating awareness and ensuring proper nutrition and growth in every children of the project villages.